say goodbye
to dry curls.

We love healthy, shiny, bouncy curls. That’s why at Empire, we choose the finest ingredients to deliver a high-quality hair formula curated by you, for you.

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toss the shampoo.
you don’t need it.

Most shampoos contain harsh chemicals that dry out and weaken your curls. So we’ve decided to remove shampoos from the curly hair cleaning process.

Our conditioner contains organic, chemical free ingredients to clean your hair while our leave in conditioner keeps your curls bouncy by locking in moisture.

Each formula contains:

An oil base

for strength and shine

Depending on your hair type, a cold-pressed coconut, olive, almond or jojoba oil will be the base of your formula.

An extract

for nutrition and vitamins

Aloe vera, honey, avocado or papaya will be added to the oil base and mixed using industry-standard technology.


for lasting freshness

Our fragrance choises consist of organic mixed berry, pomegranate, pineapple or rose.

Ready for curly hair you’ll fall in love with?


We make caring for your child’s hair easier than ever.

Our family packages include two full size bottles of the same or different formula, so you and your child can get the nourishment your hair requires.

Family package: $34.99

Why choose Empire?

100% certified organic.

All our oils and extracts are 100% organic, and sourced from local farms whenever possible.


All our formulas are sulfate and paraben-free, and not tested on animals.

Not tested on animals.

All of our products pass an FDA-standard for cleanliness and are not tested on animals.


We’re in your neighbourhood! Empire ships internationally.

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