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Sharing Soccer With The World

12th Player is a non-profit organization that collects new, used, and gently worn soccer equipment and sends it to children all over the world that cannot afford them. Our organization works all over the world, with thousands of volunteers.

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Our Best Goals From 2016

12th Player Starts New Project in India

After months of planning and reaching out to government agents and the Canadian Consulate, 12th Player is proud to announce the start of our new game changing project in India!

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Slide Tackling Movember

There are more important balls than the ones we play soccer with. 12th Player is donating all money donations from the month of November to the Movember Foundation.

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Slide Tackling Movember

It is very rare that people are given opportunities to make a change in their life. Unfortunately that opportunity may be out of the reach of some no matter how much they deserve it.

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