Introducing the amazing Venezuelan sandwich



Black Beans topped with fresh mozzarella cheese.

Who are these guys?

A crazy idea to give Torontians the option of having an excellent but unique experience of Venezuelan food. Since we arrived to Canada I had the idea to open a restaurant, one day reunited with my wife cousin who came to live long before than us we shared the same idea, although with a small change of course,We decided to open a FOOD TRUCK.

It is since then that three Venezuelan families decided to start a food truck company to provide Toronto people a perfect combination of flavors in a great atmosphere and fun. It is what makes us an excellent choice, We love and miss our culture back home and decided that we wanted to bring a little corner of Venezuela here to Toronto

With over 20 years cooking, and my cousin and friend with several years working as a business administrator to have a prosperous business join our knowledge to start our adventure.All our food and ingredients are homemade, that is what gives the most flavor to the arepa can fill with different combinations of flavors that fit this multicultural society, this is when Arepa Time is born, to share our beautiful culture and flavors of our beautiful country

Come in


Pesto with basil, freshly sliced tomato and fresh mozzarella chesse.