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For every bounty box sold, $5 goes to Hamiltonians in need

Join Chopped Canada's 2016 winner, Chef Matthew Kershaw Tuesday May 2nd for our weekly cooking class! Learn More.

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Rooted is a Hamilton not-for-profit organization made up of local volunteers dedicated to creating and building a sustainable community environment. Our year round volunteer community garden and greenhouse provides the fresh produce that makes up every bounty box.

All proceeds go directly back into the program and $5 from every sale goes to Hamiltonians in need. Start giving back today!

1 in 5

Hamiltonians are living in poverty


Of those Hamiltonians are under 18


Children go hungry every weekend

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Weekly events


Community cooking class

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Kitchen Collective

We are pleased to have distinguished chef Matthew Kershaw this week teaching us how to cook with all the produce in our weekly Rooted bounty boxes.


Learn how to re-pot plants

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10:30 am - 1:00 pm

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377 Gage Avenue

Re-potting plants can seem difficult - you can damage the plants or fail to re-pot them correctly and therefore cause the plant to die. Learn how to remove and prepare the plant for its new pot. Lunch will be provided!


Learn to harvest produce

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10:30 am - 1:00 pm

377 Gage Avenue

Harvesting herbs is all about the proper timing. Learning how to harvest plant correctly can save you time and money while also adding something special to every meal you make! Lunch will be provided!

Are you someone who would benefit from a free Bounty Box subscription?

Our bounty boxes are meant to help those who may not have access to fresh produce on a regular basis. Our anonymous Bounty Box program makes it easy for individuals and families to eat healthy everyday.

Don't hesitate, email us today and get more information about how you can receive free weekly bounty boxes!